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New York City 2019

A few weeks ago, I spent two weeks in New York City (again). Using the time for some extensive photo walks, I focused on some of the beautiful art deco elements that can be found all around the city.

Southern Germany Round Flight in a Cessna 172

Yesterday a friend took me on a flight in a Cessna 172 aircraft. It was a great opportunity to take some aerial photography of rural Bavaria and Regensburg, a beautiful city where the river Regen flows into the river Danube (German: Donau). Regensburg is also famous for its beautiful cathedral and its historic city center.

We started our trip yesterday, 26th of August 2017 at the airfield of Landshut, a small city in the southeast of Germany. After preparing the Cessna for about 90 mins, we took off at 9:27 GMT in a westerly direction and slowly turned to the north heading towards Regensburg. After about 20 minutes we approached the city and made a large right turn around it. At around 10:20 GMT we landed in Landshut again, took the aircraft back into the hangar, and enjoyed lunch at the airfield restaurant that serves croatian cuisine.

While in the air, I used my Canon EOS 7D and the Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM lens to create some shots. Find here the results:

New York Public Library – Public Domain Images

The New York Public Library has released roughly 190.000 historical images of various categories. The copyright for these images has expired, and therefore they can be shared and used without restriction. In conjunction, NYPL Labs has launched a data visualization tool that allows easy navigation through the digital collections and to download images in high resolution.

My attention was drawn to a collection created in 1935 by photographer Berenice Abbott – an iconic documentation of New York City in the 1930s for the Federal Art Project. Abbott focused on architecture, and I thought a short selection of her photos would fit very well into this blog.


New York City Panorama

Happy New Year! During the holidays I stumbled upon an incredibly cool project created by two panorama specialists in 2006. Gerard Maynard shot over 2.000 individual photos positioned on the rooftop of a building at 7th Avenue and 110th Street in New York City. The stitching of these photos was done by a panorama software provided by, a company represented by Alexandre Jenny.

The final result is a panorama photo consisting of 13 Gigapixels, too much for a single file to be viewed. However, there is a great zoom version that can be opened in a browser – visit Have Fun!

New Car Delivery

At the beginning of this week, the delivery of my new car took place at BMW World Munich. Even without such an event, the BMW World is fascinating for anyone who is enthusiastic about new car technology and modern architecture. Everybody interested can visit their exhibitions on vehicle construction and presentations of new cars. As a customer, I was granted access to the delivery zone in a separate area of the facility. I used this great opportunity to take a few shots of the location and the event. The picture taken from the top of my new car was a lucky shot as I almost missed it. I was standing on an upper level of the delivery zone, taking pictures from the interior. A good friend who accompanied me suddenly noticed that the 220i has already been positioned directly underneath us.