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New York City 2016

Hi folks,

I have already planned to visit New York for a long time, and this year I finally managed to experience that lively and vibrant city for the first time. I was here for the last two weeks of September and it proved to be an ideal time for exploring – it is not the busiest of all seasons and the temperatures are not as extreme as they are during midsummer. The first week was really sunny and hot which allowed me to do walks with my camera gear almost nonstop and to add many new urban photos to my collection. During the second week the weather was a bit more unstable and gave me a bit more time to relax.

After those two weeks, I cannot emphasize enough how much New York has to offer for everyone. There are countless public places like parks and waterfronts that spend some calmness between the busy streets. At almost every corner one can discover fancy shops and small galleries. For culturally interested people, there are tons of art exhibitions, festivals, theaters and museums. There is a myriad of restaurants, food courts, diners, bakeries, rooftop bars and other places for culinary connoisseurs. Finally, for architecture enthusiasts, the city shows its full spectrum of versatility in the form of numerous disctricts with historical buildings and new structures. Here is the photo gallery I created during my visit.

Dubai February 2016

Hi everyone,

again I have visited Dubai to combine recreation with adventure and photography. I have also been given the opportinity to create photos of the stunning residence of Mr. and Mrs. Cantonnet, two celebrities known from a movie about living in the Burj Khalifa. The cover image gives a small insight into that beautiful residence.

Cantonnet Residence by Sunset


Copenhagen and Stockholm

Hi there!

I just returned from a short city trip around Scandinavia where I visited Copenhagen and Stockholm. Scandinavian architecture is known for its innovative design and the use of wood and other eco-friendly materials. On this journey, I mainly focused on the award-winning architecture of some larger buildings.

Dubai 2nd

Tomo Restaurant & Bar

Finally, a new set of travel photos is there! I just returned from a one-week stay in Dubai and had my camera gear with me most of the time. It has already been my second trip to the Emirates, but there was still a lot to discover. As usual, I focused on architectural features but also did some aerial photography and other. One location I like to emphasize on this post is the Tomo Japanese Restaurant & Bar on top of the Raffles Hotel. This place not only offers excellent japanese cuisine and cocktails, but also an incredible panoramic view of the Dubai Skyline as you can see on the cover photo above. I convinced myself of this great experience to have dinner under clear blue sky at the Tatami Terrace of Tomo Restaurant. The other photos of my trip can be seen in the gallery below.


South Turkey

Yesterday I returned from a vacation I spent with a good friend in the south of Turkey. For someone used to moderate temperatures, I actually sufferered from the Turkish climate quite a bit. Regardless of the strains, it was my objective to visit some cultural and natural locations.

In the gallery below you can find various photos of the trip, including the Avsallar Mosque where I had the chance to climb the minaret tower thanks to a friendly construction worker, the Alanya Castle, Dim River Valley and the Sapadere Canyon.

I shot these pictures with my Canon EOS 1000D and the Canon EF-S 10-18mm ultra wide angle lens.


Dubai February 2014

Hi there and thank you for looking into my blog area!

This is my first post and it is going to share a variety of impressions that I photographed on my trip to Dubai in February 2014. Have fun!