Travel Blog

Here is a list of travel reports and photo galleries I have created from various destinations around the globe.

22 March, 2022

Egypt - Historic Tour

See the results of a stunning journey through Egypt where we visited beautiful mosques in Cairo, burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings, and famous temples.

8 August, 2021

Venice - Black and White

This was another very nice trip to Venice. Check out my first set of photographs that is fully monochrome.

22 March, 2020


Dubai was a great destination to escape the cold German winter. Once arrived, I took my camera and was heading for new locations that I haven't visited before.

19 October, 2019

Colombia - Sierra Nevada

An adventurous journey through Colombian cities, and a strenuous 4-day-long trekking tour through the rainforest of Colombia's Sierra Nevada.

29 June, 2019

New York City

My second time where I had two full weeks of photo walks across the streets of New York City.

22 October, 2017


I spent a week in one of the most spectacular and visionary cities in the world. Check out my photo gallery from this trip.

17 September, 2017


The city of Venice is a huge labyrinth, but I love getting lost in it with my camera.

9 October, 2016

New York City

To me, visiting New York City was an unforgettable experience. Every day was a discovery trip, and here is a gallery with some of my highlights.

28 February, 2016


Another adventure-packed journey, and another very colorful photo gallery.

30 July, 2015

Copenhagen and Stockholm

A very short trip to Denmark and Sweden - but there was a lot to discover.

30 March, 2015


One of the most exciting trips to Dubai, and one of the most vibrant photo galleries I have created.

16 August, 2014


Summer in Turkey - sounds like sun, nature, and photo walks.

9 March, 2014

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

My first visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi - A truly unforgettable journey.